Increase revenue and reduce RTO losses for your eCommerce Business

Simplified buyer communication platform empowered by AI-driven IVR & WhatsApp automation.


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Empowering 2000+ D2C Brands

Enhanced Conversions with Robust Features

Send CoD order confirmations & Shipping updates

Automatically verify orders to eliminate impulsive & fraudulent purchases. Improve delivery success rates, all without the need for manual effort.

Automated call or WhatsApp message is sent to confirm or cancel the order to reduce the risk of fraudulent orders.

Identify high-risk Return to Origin (RTO) orders using AI-based RTO intelligence trained on over 1 billion buyer data to make informed decisions.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Re-engaging deserted carts is insufficient. Target deserted checkouts and individuals who browsed a product but did not add it to the cart.

Approximately 90% of visitors to your store do not complete the checkout process. Target both abandoned carts and instances of product abandonment.

Incorporate dynamic product images and exclusive discount codes within your retargeting messages to boost conversion rates.

Convert COD Orders to Prepaid

Convert your COD orders to Prepaid orders and motivate customers into prepaying by giving them discounts.

Send WhatsApp messages to convert COD orders to Prepaid orders.

Offer attractive deals to incentivize Prepaid orders.

Reduce RTO risk by converting COD orders to Prepaid orders.

Implement Personalized Bulk Messaging at Scale

Bid farewell to concerns about spamming your customers. HillTeck provides you with the essential tools to engage and convert visitors efficiently without being intrusive or encountering restrictions.

Establish target audiences based on customer characteristics or past interactions.

Utilize pre-authorized WhatsApp templates for an instant start.

Review & Feedback Workflows

Send Review & Feedback notifications to customers through Automated Workflows

Incentivize your customers to share their feedback by providing a discount.

Export customer reviews at any time for data analysis and examination.

Upsell & Cross-sell to existing customers

Establish a comprehensive integration with your Shopify store to construct your product recommendation system, prompting customers to make repeat purchases and beyond.

Promote related products alongside order receipts to encourage upselling and elevate the average order value.

Enhance customer lifetime value (LTV) by cross-selling additional products two weeks following a customer's purchase.

Build Engaging Conversational Experiences


COD Fraud Detection

Verify COD orders by leveraging various channels like WhatsApp, SMS, and COD confirmation calls through IVR. Make the communication more personalized and enhance customer experience.

Automated IVR Call or WhatsApp message is send to confirm or cancel the order to reduce the risk of fake orders.

Convert cash on delivery orders to prepaid by incentivizing your buyers using customised offers on WhatsApp.

Identify high-risk RTO orders using AI-based RTO intelligence trained on over 1 billion buyer data to make informed decisions.


Measure RoI with UTM tracking

See which campaigns are bringing you more sales and the ones that don't. You don't have to be a data-wiz.

Get real-time actionable data on everything from open rates to revenue generated.

Go beyond RoI. See how your subscriber's LTV and customer's average order value increases.


Build a WhatsApp subscribers list

Only 10% of the visitors reach checkout. Collect details of the rest 90% so you can convert them later.

Gamify your lead capture with spin-the-wheel and pop-ups to increase your subscriber count by 15%.

Retarget them even if they’ve just viewed a product, but didn’t add to cart.

Real Stories from Real Customers

Wonderful app, simple and easy to configure, works with precision. 80% of my COD customer confirm the order on call.

The App is absolutely must for all shopify users, it definitely eliminates the suspicious COD orders, I recommend.

I used this app to help me in very fast order confirmation. So that I was saved my money to pay salary to large tele calling team.

I used this app to verify my all online order from my store. it helps me reduce the pendency , increase conversion , boost sales and clear fake orders. I strongly recommend online sellers to integrate this app in your store.

Excellent App. Very Easy to set up and can be used within minutes. Very helpful in verifying the COD orders and reducing RTO. Recommended !


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Order verification reduces the chances of returns by converting risky COD orders to prepaid.

Merchants can use SMS, WhatsApp or IVR to verify COD or prepaid orders.

Merchants can check the status of COD orders under Orders > Tags. Confirmed Tag validates that the customer confirmed an order.

You can send all types of notification to your customers. For example Orderly Alerts, Shipping Alerts, Cart recovery, Discount alerts, Product back in stock, New arrivals alert, Back in stock alerts etc.

You can apply for getting the Official WhatsApp Business Account using the following steps. Once your account is verified and approved Green tick is automatically applied. Its entirely at WhatsApp's discretion whether to approve the Green tick or not. Generally notable & reputed brands easily get the Green tick.

Yes, you can send promotional messages to your audience who have opted in to receive promotional campaigns from your brand on WhatsApp.